The only artisanal cookstove company at scale


There are two ways to make a cookstove. The modern (and expensive) method is in a factory with hydraulic pressing to cut, bend, and shape steel plus welders to connect steel and powder coating to prevent rust. This path costs millions of dollars to set up, and the stoves produced retail for tens of dollars in price.

The other way is for artisans to make the stoves, one at a time, using little more than a mold to form the ceramics, shears to cut the steel, and hammers to put it all together. This is the most common method used on the planet. This path makes stoves that retail for a few dollars. However, most stove makers using these methods can make only hundreds (or at most a few thousand) stoves per year.

Obamastove is the only artisanal-style stove manufacturer that does it at scale. Tens of thousands of stoves per year. Over 400,000 manufactured and sold so far. Here is what that looks like in reality:

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